• noun a metallic element, used especially to form alloys
  • noun a metal container for food or drink, made of iron with a lining of tin or of aluminium
  • A metallic element whose atomic number is SO. It has two known allotropic forms, the more common is soft, malleable, and silvery-white, the other is brittle gray. Tin can be hammered into an extremely thin foil, and when bent emits a characteristic cry. Tin and some of its alloys have been known since ancient times. It has close to 40 known isotopes, of which 10 are stable. Its applications include its use in plating, corrosion-resistant coatings, solders, wires, and in many alloys with uses in electronics and metallurgy. Its chemical symbol, Sn, is taken from the Latin word for tin: stannum.
  • chemical symbol Sn

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