• noun one of a series of thin concentric rings on a magnetic disk or of thin lines on a tape, which the read/write head accesses and along which the data is stored in separate sectors
  • A path along which sounds, images, or other signals are recorded. For example, a soundtrack, a control track, or that of one of the multiple audio signals which are mixed for a recording.
  • A specific song or selection from a sound recording, such as that available on a CD.
  • On a data medium, such as a disk or tape, a channel, band, or other path associated with the sequential access of data. On an optical disc, a track usually follows a continuous spiral, hard disk tracks usually form concentric circles, while tracks generally run in a parallel manner on tapes. Each track consists of a given number of sectors.
  • One or more grooves, rails, or ridges, often of metal, which serves to provide support and guide movement. For instance, a track along which a heavy apparatus may be moved more easily.
  • The path along which something moves. For instance, the trajectory of a reflected particle. Also, to follow the path along which something moves. For example, to track a scanned object.

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