• Abbreviation of television. A communications system utilized for picking up visual and auditory information which is transmitted via radio waves, cables, or wires, for reproduction by receivers at remote locations. A TV system may use an analog or digital standard, such as HDTV, NTSC, PAL, or SECAM, for the transmission and reception of broadcast signals. Also called TV system.
  • Abbreviation of television. A device which reproduces the images and sounds received through a TV system. Also called TV receiver, TV set, or TV monitor (1).
  • Abbreviation of television. The transmission of images and sounds via a TV system.
  • Abbreviation of television. The programming and other offerings viewed using a TV (2).
  • acronym for television monitor
  • acronym for television receiver
  • acronym for television set
  • acronym for television system
  • acronym for teravolt
  • A unit of potential difference equal to 1012 volts. Its abbreviation is TV (5).

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