• Property of the Earth’s atmosphere whereby radiation of particular wavelengths is able to reach the Earth’s surface. There are windows for some radio, infrared and other wavelengths as well as for visible light.
  • A time interval during which an activity may take place. Also, a time interval during which an activity must take place.
  • An interval of radio frequencies which pass through or are propagated via the atmosphere. For example, a radio window. Also, an interval of frequencies which is transmitted through a given object or medium.
  • A transparent section of a material, such as glass or plastic, through which the inner portion of a device or apparatus can be viewed. For example, such a window on certain radiation detectors.
  • An area on a computer screen with defined boundaries, and within which information is displayed. Windows can be resized, maximized, minimized, placed side-by-side, overlaid, and so on. Each window can be that of a separate program, while a single program may have any number of windows open at a given moment. When two or more windows are open, only one is active, and the rest are inactive. Also called application window.
  • A hole or opening between two cavities or waveguides, the bars of a transformer, or the like.
  • A partial view of something, such as that of a dial or of a file. The viewed section can be varied, so as to see different portions at different moments.
  • A material, such as foil, intended to interfere with radar operation.

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